Hello, today I want to share my experience preparing to become certified in the world of IBM, in this case, the C1000–100 certification: IBM Cloud Solution Architect v4.

Purpose of Exam Objectives:

When an exam is being developed, the Subject-Matter Experts work together to define the role the certified individual will fill. They define all the tasks and knowledge that an individual would need to successfully perform this job role. This creates the foundation for the objectives and measurement criteria, which form the basis of the certification exam.

The Cloud Software Certification item writers use these objectives to develop the exam questions.

It is…


This Document is built with the collaboration Juan José Pérez B


In this tutorial we are going to install the Apache Camel-k over an IKS (IBM CLOUD Kubernetes Service) the commands used here to deploy the infraestructure are Linux

What is Camel-k?

Apache Camel K is a lightweight an integration framework built from Apache Camel that runs natively on Kubernetes and is specifically designed for serverless and microservice architectures.

Users of Camel K can instantly run integration code written in Camel DSL on their preferred cloud (Kubernetes or OpenShift).


Tools are already installed

kubectl: Kubernetes Command Line Tool

Luis Alberto Mira

Cloud enthusiastic

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